Printing and Designing Compelling Postcards

Postcard printing is a versatile and cost-effective marketing tool that can increase your business’s exposure and boost your bottom line. Choosing the right postcard size will help you save money and time, and ensure your message gets the attention it deserves. Moreover, it will also save you the trouble of designing your own mailing envelopes. The following are some important tips to consider before creating your own postcard. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

a. Consider the size of your postcard. A standard 4-inch-by-6-inch postcard is the perfect size for a direct mail campaign. Its small size makes it a great canvas for your design assets. Its white/red color contrast makes it easy to identify unused postcards. Moreover, if you want to get your message across to more people, you can select one with a Divided Back. Besides that, it will help you create more engaging direct mail campaigns.

b. Decide what type of design will appeal to the recipient. Depending on your target audience, you might want to use multiple design elements, including colors. For example, a colorful design can attract a young child’s eye and capture his interest. You can also make a postcard with different fonts. A good design will appeal to a variety of demographics. Aside from the size, a postcard’s content should be relevant and useful.

c. Design your postcard so it can pass through the postal machine. It must be machine-readable so that it will not be rejected by the postman. Aside from that, it should have minimal design elements that can get caught in the machines. Hence, glue is an important tool for making your postcard. It prevents parts of the postcard from falling off or getting caught in the postal machines. Additionally, you can also seal the glue with a sealant.

d. Measure the dimensions of your postcard. Then, determine the center line. Mark the middle point on both sides. e. Draw three equal lines on the lower right side of your postcard. The right part of the postcard will be where you write your note. After you have finished this, you have to put the stamp on the postcard. You can then attach a note to it. If you have a photo on the left, you can write a message on the other side of the postcard.

e. Make a note on the other side of your postcard. You need to make it as large as possible. To make a note, you should mark the center point on both sides. After that, you should write your note on the left side of the postcard. Then, you should mark the left edge of your postcard with a stamp. e. Place your note on the right side of your postcard. Then, draw three lines on the lower right. To make sure you will get a high quality postcard hire the best custom printing company.